Fore to form is the final project in completion of the Master's of Design Innovation degree and thesis, specialising in Industrial Design at Victoria University of Wellington. The project is a novel exploration of digital modelling tools, advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative materials. 

Designing for sports equipment demands excellence. The sheer nature of competition drives athletes to achieve the unachievable. This obsession to improve shifts from the athlete to the designer. The continual development and availability of materials, technologies and processes makes the role of the designer more critical than ever. Though the one real opportunity for innovation lies in how the designer interprets and utilizes these technologies. 

Fore to form bases it's exploration on one specific research question; Can the integration and synchronisation of contemporary digital tools reshape the design process of golf equipment? Golf clubs, like any other sports equipment must be designed with the underlying, crucial theme of performance improvement. The term performance is broken down into two aspects; mental (visual) and physical (functional). The criteria for these aspects changes with each individual and demands a new level of customisation. This project investigates how this could be achieved and proposes innovative pathways to integrate individual performance data as form defining inputs. It also explores the potential of new digital aesthetics to enhance functional criteria yet preserving critical features of traditional club design.

photography | andrew matautia
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